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NASA: Street Arts

National Association of Street Artists : NasaUK :

Definition / Description

"Street arts reach the places others fail to reach: we make theatre in the street and on the pavement, we make magic in the castle or the car park, we make music around the town square or the city centre, we perform at the end of the pier or on the beach, we follow you along the prom or surprise you in the shops.


Street Arts delight different audiences in imaginative and surprising ways... with extraordinary events in unexpected places... created by playful yet professional artists, working in public... varying in scale from one performer to a cast of hundreds... using a single prop or instrument or creating a vast set or a multitude of costumes and images... taking place outside the usual venues (but not always outside)... usually free (but not always)... performed to just a few people or to thousands... usually provocative or mischievous or beautiful or entertaining or skillful or overwhelming or a combination of all the above.

Written by Liz Pugh from Walk the Plank"

taken from Website Dec 2011
Manchester Internationa


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