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For the Love Of It 14




48 hours of inspiration, creation & fun, a chance for a wide range of Street Arts professionals to Congregate, Speculate and Re-invigorate - this year held at Stoke-on-Trent with our friends at Appetite.

A cross between a weekend long party and workshops and skill sharing and inspiration - artists led and working best with a broad mixture of people attending.

Low cost to cover food and venue hire. Many who came found it inspiring and encouraging to be around other artists.

We change the format and venue every year - this time we we&;re in Stoke.

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FLOI-13: 'For the Love Of It'


48 hours of inspiration, creation and fun
6pm Friday 8th Feb - 6pm Sunday 10th Feb 2013

A weekend gathering with workshops, skill sharing and inspiration
Artist led with a broad mix of people attending

Last year many found it inspiring - and great to be around other artists
It isn’t free but the £34 cost will cover food and venue hire

At the College Project, Bristol, BS3 5JJ - ArtSpaceLifeSpace

Accommodation : Youth Hostel dorm or shared room options
or friend-of-friend. First come, first served, book now or its DIY

Share: why not lead a 90 minute session
on outdoor arts topic you care about
Practical or theoretical - debate or presentation

Show: a performance piece
Got a new performance or work-in-progress you’d like to share?
Can ask for as much feedback as you like

Eat: cook and cater together
We’ll use the College kitchen to cater for 30+ people
we need some cooks to help the preparation

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