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Outdoor Arts is the umbrella term, used in the UK, given to performances in various genres (theatre, dance, circus, spectacle, music or any combination of the above) that are created for outdoor public spaces – sometimes in the street, or in town squares, parks and other public spaces. Outdoor arts has a purposefully wide definition and is inclusive of solo performances through to large scale spectacle and from community processional projects to stunning outdoor interactive visual installations.

In other European countries, in particular in France and Spain, Outdoor arts is seen as an important art form in its own right, attracting sustained investment from local and national government. The French term, “theatre without walls” is a useful definition.

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Huddersfield FOL 2011

Festival of Light is Huddersfields biggest winter event, featuring a major street theatre show in St George&;s Square and a lively programme of performances and installations across the town centre.

The main show, K@osmos, comes courtesy of Spanish/Argentinean performers Grupo Puja and will be performed on both the Friday and Saturday evenings. Come to the festival and you will also enjoy aerial ballet, an enchanting light garden and be entertained by some of the UK&;s best street performers.

And, as well as street theatre, there was a winter food and drink market, The Art Market and an abundance of live music performances in bars and venues across the town centre.

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