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Yearning for experience

Welcome to the post-digital world, an exhilarating return to civility – via Facebook and Lady Gaga

Where is your post-digital presence? What is on your techno-horizon? Don&;t tell me you are still putting e- and i- in front of your product or talking "platforms", like some noughties nerd. That is so yesterday.

Ever since I was spectacularly wrong about the internet I have fought shy of futurology. I cringe to recall that in the mid-90s I dismissed it as a technological flash in the pan, like the fax and citizen-band radio. I said it would be of use chiefly to pornographers and lawyers, and "unlikely to have widespread application". As for threatening books or newspapers, that was ridiculous.

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Review: Smiling Together

"One of the great pleasures of Street Arts festivals is that they make you slow down and put the wonder back into everyday life. Wherever you were in Winchester at this year&;s Hat Fair, you could hear the distant sound of laughter - as if the whole town was smiling together."

Lyn Gardner - Theatre Critic, The Guardian, Monday 6 July 2009

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